EMMETT Technique

EMMETT Technique in Guildford, Surrey

EMMETT Technique - The Chameleon Approach to Health

The very gentle Emmett Technique, created by Australian therapist Ross Emmett, and developed over 40 years, is unique. It has been shown to improve quality of life by easing pain and discomfort, thereby increasing range of movement, through effectively decreasing muscle tension.

Light finger pressure is applied to very carefully selected specific points on the body. It works in a similar way to a computer touch screen, and the body responds to this light touch by adapting its muscle tension and action, much as a chameleon slowly changes its colours to blend into a different environment. 

Because it is so soothing and gentle, it is appropriate and invaluable for helping even the most sensitive beings. In fact the Emmett Technique can be used on both humans and animals.

Emmett Technique treatments take as little as half an hour or can be integrated into and used to enhance another, different, therapy.
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