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Walking was very painful for me because of the 6 corns on my left foot together with overgrown nails and hard skin on both feet. I entered the clinic with some trepidation but soon relaxed on the comfortable couch. I can truly say that I did not feel a thing while Jane worked on me. I left after 30 minutes and walked a mile across the common with no trouble. It was like WALKING ON AIR. Many thanks Jane.

Mr G Block


I love coming to Walking On Air for a bodywork session. It is always a great experience. It is like having a very precise Performance Enhancing Tune Up for your car, each part is carefully checked, tweaked and adjusted in relation to the each other until the newly balanced body is as good as new and ready to go again at full efficiency!

Lucy Yendell


Many thanks to you and Kimberley for making me feel so welcome on my first visit to your clinic. I've felt immediate relief from the pain of that wretched little corn and have also enjoyed using both the cream and gel that I purchased from you.



I am so glad that you see me. You listen to me carefully and are always encouraging. You have lots of good ideas as to how you can help me, and how I can help myself. You know so much about the body and how it works, spending so much time explaining things to me really clearly so that I can understand why I need to do those certain things. I feel so much happier and so very much better when I have seen you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Janina O.  - Guildford


I can thoroughly recommend Jane Lee at Walking On Air in Guildford as the “Go To” person for well being or pain relief. I have witnessed first hand how she has variously helped my greatly distressed partner over the last few months and it has been a truly life changing experience for both of us.

The beauty of having Jane share her many years of non-stop study and experience is that she can work in a deep, intuitive manner, calling on a whole range of physical and psychological techniques and therapies as appropriate on that particular day and in that particular moment. Rather than being tied by the constraints of just one method or philosophy, Jane is able to adapt to and respond to every patient’s care requirements in a bespoke manner, making each visit unique.

Whether you have an acute or chronic condition, debilitating pain, or just want to ensure that you are maintaining your body in the best condition possible, a visit to Walking On Air might cost a couple of hours, but it could give you back a lifetime of freedom! We are both infinitely more than satisfied with the service offered at Walking On Air and grateful for the opportunity to be treated both by Jane, the Master Therapist and her able Consultant colleague Kimberley.

Jason M 
Entrepreneur, Shepperton


I came across Walking On Air when we had to take a friend for a first time emergency treatment for a back injury. He was in far too much pain to drive himself there - barely able to take even one step. It even took 2 people to help him in the door. He went in walking like a 90 year old and came out like he was 19!!! We couldn't believe the difference! 

So I went, on his recommendation, with my list of problems: a bad pain along the side of my foot lasting months, constant hip pain, aggravated by the foot condition, causing me to limp badly, and also very restricted neck and shoulder movement. Coping with all these problems caused problems at work and with sleeping. I didn't ever imagine Master Therapist Jane could help me so much in just one session! My relaxing treatment included several combined therapies: acupuncture, massage with aromatherapy oils and hot stones (bliss), and Chinese cupping therapy which I'd never heard of (amazing).

I would recommend the stones to anyone even if they don't need a massage for injury or pain related problems. Just for relaxation/tension it is a REAL treat. I came away feeling like I was literally "walking on air"! I felt so much straighter, taller even. The pain in my foot has completely disappeared and my hip is so much better - far easier to tolerate, and I am not limping about all day. 

I look forward to visiting again very soon to carry on my treatment, I feel confident that "Walking On Air" will change my life so much that I can really enjoy it again and be able to do so much more, like I used to.

Julie Brown 
Florist, Guildford


Very helpful and ever more impressed.

Catherine Hancox
Nutritional Advisor, Peterborough


I was recently bereaved, which left me very distressed and unable to sustain concentration. Consequently I lost interest in my work and hobbies, kept putting off chores, including cleaning and socializing. Life was very trying and stressful, and my vital energy was depleted.

Following Jane’s knowledgeable recommendation I agreed to try her Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment combined with Emotional Turmoil Therapeutic Programme. I hoped that it would help clarify my dark thoughts and stimulate my logical processes so that I could discover my own personal solutions to life’s new challenges of being single again. I found it hard to believe that I fell deeply asleep during the combined relaxation treatments and woke up finding myself hugely uplifted by the process, which had effectively worked on my subconscious, unblocking self-inflicted obstacles.

I have to admit that initially I was very sceptical of these innovative therapies at the onset, but I thought “Let’s give it a spin anyway, as I have nothing to lose by trying!”

I can thoroughly recommend this soothing treatment to anyone wanting to improve the feeling of wellbeing and mental clarity, helping them to cope better with difficult mental and emotional challenges. Everything is crystal clear now, and I can move on with exciting, optimistic anticipation. The future is rosy!

Andrew L. Civil Engineer, 
Cape Town, South Africa


I was recommended to Jane at Walking On Air at a time when I had been diagnosed with Venous Disease, which caused most uncomfortable rashes on my legs. Numerous visits to my GP had resulted in different ointments being prescribed which were, in truth, ineffective.

Following a telephone consultation with Jane, my wife having sent photographs of my legs, she immediately recognised some irritant components of the prescribed skin medication. Jane recommended and supplied a natural alternative safe skin care range suitable for very delicate, damaged and sensitive skin. Almost immediately, the rash cleared. Continued use of the lotion, together the safer skin health promoting cleansing product has kept my legs clear.

More recently, I have been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was warned about the side effects of chemotherapy. Following a further consultation with Jane, she recommended a particular natural toothpaste and mouthwash, to prevent the expected mouth ulcers, and they have never materialised.
Jane clearly is expertly knowledgeable in her field. She offers a clear, precise assessment and recommendation for your benefit. I will, without reservation, recommend Jane at Walking On Air.

Trevor Brown
Recently retired, Bristol


I have been impressed with your skills since I first met you.

Catriona Grove
Lecturer in Mathematics, Bedfordshire


I have had fantastic results from Walking On Air. Last week I was on the phone to you in tears begging for help. This week I can put on my bra myself, almost do my hair and I have not taken any painkillers since Monday!!!!! I call it a miracle. I would love to have all the action back in my arm but in only one week (my friends told me they had taken years to mend) so far, at least, I can do most things and am pretty much pain free.  

Most important of all, I am showing my gun dog tomorrow at Windsor Championship Show (my favourite dog show of the year) which I could not in any way have been doing if I had not called you….after all, this time last week I could not even drive more than a few miles, let alone contemplate driving to Windsor.

In Gun Dog training in which we have to use our arms a lot to direct our dogs out - there is no way in hell I could have done this when I first came to you!!! I found myself suffering from a frozen shoulder and I came to Walking On Air as a last resort - which in hindsight was the wrong thing to do, it should have been the first thing I did. 

I keep and show Gordon Setters for which I travel all over the country but because of this incredibly painful condition I couldn’t drive long distances or hold my dogs tail out in the ring (as is the tradition when showing my breed) so I missed most of the show season, not to mention being so painful - Just taking my Gordon Setters for walks left me sweating with pain - it was possibly my lowest point in many, many years. Jane answered my desperate call on Saturday and I went straight down there - what she did is a bit of a blur, I was in so much pain before her treatment, but from that day on it started to improve and now thankfully it’s just a distant memory and I am totally pain free……...and the icing on the cake is I did just the one show later and we qualified for Crufts!!! 

Louise and the Billingham Gordon Setters
Wood Street Village


I have never experienced so much pleasure from the relief of my back pain. I can get on with my life now, and do the things I want to do every day without worrying about doing myself more damage. Marvellous!

I have to say that I am delighted with the very extensive work I received following my urgent request for pain relief for my very uncomfortable back at Walking On Air. I had a very prompt and positive response and was given a thorough check up and an enjoyable therapeutic treatment for what to me was an excruciatingly painful situation.  

My whole spine is now very comfortable and I can’t believe that I can walk up Guildford High Street with no pain at all. In fact, I can do everything I want to do, without any fear whatsoever of resultant discomfort or injury now, and I have experienced no need to take painkillers since. Indeed, I am Walking On Air!

I have so much confidence in the quality of the bodywork given that I sent a friend who had chronic knee pain along to WOA soon afterwards, and she too came away amazed and delighted at the improvement she gained.  

Now I know how much wonderful help I can get, I would not think of going anywhere else. My son now insists that I have a booster every now and again to avoid any further injury, which of course, I will be very keen to do.

S Linfield
Retired, Guildford


"My thumb was excruciatingly painful and immovable, stuck in a bent position for years. I could not do up my own buttons or even lift a plate. After a visit to my GP and a referral to hospital I was told the only option was an operation to release it. Fortunately, whilst awaiting my operation date, I found Walking On Air. Even after my first session, the pain had eased immensely and I
immediately recovered some movement in the joint. Following 3 more sessions I have approximately 97% of pain free range of movement, and the thumb is improving daily. Once again, I can do my own bra strap up, tie shoes laces, and even manage fiddly things such as putting on necklaces and earrings. I did not have the surgery, did not have to have an anesthetic, or any of it’s side effects, I do not have a scar, nor weeks with my wrist in a brace and rehabilitation, all thanks to Walking On Air."



I have had a really great time during my treatment, and learned more in the last hour than I have learned in more years than I care to remember. It has been a really interesting visit.

Lee Britten
Performance Coach, Guildford


I have been going to Chiropodists for 60 years now, with painful feet, but I have never found one as good as Jane. She is very clever, very thorough and always so gentle. She has done a much better job than anyone else I have been to, and I never feel a thing! She certainly knows what she is doing. I always feel great when I leave, and every visit is really interesting, and ever such good fun."

J Bowles 


I felt I was unable to cope with the pain in my arm a minute longer. I am not good with pain, and I think I would have gone off the ceiling if I had not gone to Walking On Air for bodywork treatment. The painkillers were just not working. The freedom from distress I got from Jane’s hot stone massage therapy, orthopedic stretching and sports taping on my arm was such a huge relief, and I even felt that my arm was longer!
A massive part of getting better is the trust that you gain in the professional who is treating you. I know I got better much more quickly because of Jane and I am so grateful. Thank you Jane!

Mother of many, Guildford


I have been going to have my feet seen to in Guildford since the 1990s, and I have to say, the treatment at Walking On Air is quite different from elsewhere – it is something very special. I feel very comfortable with you, Jane. You must be working some magic - I don’t normally want to talk to people, but somehow I really enjoy talking to you – it is so easy to have an interesting and pleasant conversation with you, so I really look forward to coming. My husband and I both feel that our feet are being most carefully and particularly well looked after; they look and feel really nice when we leave. Very good value for money. Thank you so much.

M. Gill
Retired, Guildford


I really look forward to coming to Walking On Air. I am always glad to have my feet treated and I don’t know what my feet would be like now if I hadn’t come to Jane Lee. I am not ashamed of my feet any more and they feel really comfortable. I can see now that it is very important to keep your feet healthy.

J Price
Hospital Ward Receptionist, Guildford


You are amazing. I have been coming to Walking On Air for many years, and it does not matter what problem I come in with, you seem to have the right answer to help me. I feel that I am such a difficult patient, but you make me feel at ease, and deal with me sympathetically, efficiently and cheerfully. You just get on with helping me with great competence, and with no complaints. You always go out of your way to do your best for me. I really enjoy coming to the clinic and always feel extremely well cared for and welcome. Thank you so much.

R Meech
Retired, Fairlands, Guildford


I always enjoy your treatments, Jane. You are really good at problem nails in particular – probably the best person around. You do a really thorough job. Thank you so much.

P D B 


I don’t know why people don’t want to pay to have their hands and feet done. I just don’t understand why they feel they should not spend money on their health. You only have one life, so you might as well see that is the best and healthiest it can possibly be. It always makes me feel so much better to have the manicure and podiatry treatment, and I feel that Jane observes and cares about my whole being, not just my feet during her treatments. It does me the world of good, and I could not even think of not having Jane to see to me. I really look forward to the next visit each and every time – it is well worth spending the money on myself.

In loving memory of Pearl King


I just thought that I would give you a bit of feedback. You will probably remember that you treated my left foot for a corn on the ball of the foot last year. This problem has been with me for many years. About June 2014 you gave me some exercises for it. Well I did them religiously for about 12 months and now occasionally. That corn has now virtually disappeared and has not caused me any problem since I started those exercises. The shape of my feet have clearly changed for the better now. I used to put various insoles in my shoes but there is no longer any room, in the same shoes, for any of these devices. So naturally I am very pleased about this but just thought that you would like to know and for the encouragement of others with similar problems. Probably not good for business in one way, but good for recommendations for you.
Graham Richings
Retired, Onslow Village.


I would only ever come to Walking On Air to have my feet done now. For me, it would be a total waste of time going elsewhere. I tell all my friends “Don’t mess around going elsewhere – go straight to Walking On Air and get the job done properly! It is really good value for money too, without a doubt.” I love it! My feet look and feel beautiful afterwards.

M Braybrook
Retired, Guildford


Words cannot really express my gratitude for your recent help with James. It is lovely to see “my boy” moving forward and smiling “inwardly” once more!! If he feels the need for a top-up or has any other problems I will be sending him back to see you for sure.
 May angel blessings be upon you and thank you once again 

Gaynor W, Surrey

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