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Do your feet justice and they in turn will do you justice

The benefits of Podiatry & Chiropody

The feet are our very foundation. They provide contact with the earth beneath us and they give us essential stability. If our feet hurt, it shows on more than just our face! Unloved feet can also distort posture and balance, making us feel and look a lot older. Bring them to us and let us love and nurture them for you! 

Because foot health is so important we like to encourage our patients to care and show love and respect for their feet at every stage of life. The better we look after our feet, the better they will look after us.

Our professional Podiatry & Chiropody service can help with:
  • Foot, leg and ankle pain
  • Ugly, disrupted or infected skin and nail issues
  • Cracked heels, calluses, hard, dry or peeling skin
  • Corns
  • Toe pain
  • Plantar fasciitis or policeman’s heel
  • Metatarsalgia or ball of foot pain
  • Verruca virus infections – various treatments available including cryosurgery
  • Foot function and postural assessments/corrections
  • Orthotics and insoles
Also available:
  • Corrective off the shelf, custom and bespoke insoles
  • One stop foot shop with qualified professional advice to help you make a purchase that is right for you
  • Additional selection of naturopathic solutions

Dealing with foot pain and more with professional Podiatry & Chiropody from Walking on Air Well Being in Guildford, Surrey. Call today on 01483 454 000.

Podiatry & Chiropody testimonials

"I have been going to chiropodists for 60 years now, with painful feet, but I have never found one as good as Jane. She is very clever, very thorough and always so gentle. She has done a much better job than anyone else I have been to, and I never feel a thing! She certainly knows what she is doing. I always feel great when I leave, and every visit is really interesting, and ever such good fun".
J. Bowles - Guildford

"I have been going to have my feet seen to in Guildford since the 1990s, and I have to say, the treatment at Walking On Air is quite different from elsewhere – it is something very special. I feel very comfortable with you, Jane. You must be working some magic - I don’t normally want to talk to people, but somehow I really enjoy talking to you – it is so easy to have an interesting and pleasant conversation with you, so I really look forward to coming. My husband and I both feel that our feet are being most carefully and particularly well looked after; they look and feel really nice when we leave. Very good value for money. Thank you so much".
M. Gill - Guildford

"I would only ever come to Walking On Air to have my feet done now. For me, it would be a total waste of time going elsewhere. I tell all my friends “Don’t mess around going elsewhere – go straight to Walking On Air and get the job done properly! It is really good value for money too, without a doubt.” I love it! My feet look and feel beautiful afterwards".
M. Braybrook - Guildford

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We will get you back to loving your feet again

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