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Massage and bodywork in Guildford, Surrey

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Dealing with pain and stress relief through bodywork and orthopedic massage

We offer an amazing range of bodywork techniques ranging from traditional touch therapies to highly sophisticated cutting edge techniques and therapeutic modalities and technology. We have invested in many years intensive training and can boast the highest level of qualification in clinical and sports massage. Using a broad variety of international styles, we can deal with acute and chronic pain, in addition to stress relief treatments.

It may be that we can help where other professionals have been unable to serve you, and we truly believe a penny spent on prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t procrastinate, pick up that phone today!

Amazing things happen here. Please scroll down for some descriptions of our work as leaders in the field, and also to see testimonials from our delighted clients.
Fast relief from pain & stress through advanced bodywork or massage in Guildford, Surrey. Call Walking on Air Well Being today on 01483 454 000.

Experts in the fields of massage and bodywork

We are experts in our field - confident with and may be able to help with:
  • Long term pain such as arthritic pain, lower back issues, repetitive strain injuries etc  
  • Acute accident soft tissue injuries such as Achilles tendon injuries or muscle spasms
  • Stress related issues such as neck and shoulder pain
  • Long term illnesses including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle weakness and breathing difficulties
See our client testimonials below for examples of the wide variety of conditions and circumstances we assist with on a daily basis. We are happy to arrange a time to discuss whether we can be of assistance – contact us today.

We can use any or many skills and techniques to address your presenting condition(s) based upon:
  • YOUR needs
  • YOUR pain pattern
  • YOUR mood
  • YOUR desired outcome
We do not work from a formula - we are sensitive to and passionate about your individual requirements each and every time you visit.
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Our multi-disciplined therapists may advise:

  • Jing Rehabilitation and orthopedic massage 
  • Scar treatment therapy
  • Reflexology 
  • Rehabilitative muscle activation
  • Emmett Technique
  • Low level light therapy (Photon Therapy)
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Far infrared
  • Chinese cupping and medical acupuncture
  • No hands treatment technique 
  • Myofascial release
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Deep core or colon massage
  • Heated medicated bolus work
  • Hypnomassage
  • Electro-stimulated muscle building for wasted or imbalanced muscles
  • Cellulite busting massage
  • TMJ and jaw stress
  • Facial massage and lessons
  • Thai table massage

Complaint: Mental distress and exhaustion

"I can thoroughly recommend Jane Lee at Walking On Air in Guildford as the “go to” person for well being or pain relief. I have witnessed first hand how she has variously helped my greatly distressed partner over the last few months and it has been a truly life changing experience for both of us.

The beauty of having Jane share her many years of non-stop study and experience is that she can work in a deep, intuitive manner, calling on a whole range of physical and psychological techniques and therapies as appropriate on that particular day and in that particular moment. Rather than being tied by the constraints of just one method or philosophy, Jane is able to adapt to and respond to every patient’s care requirements in a bespoke manner, making each visit unique.

Whether you have an acute or chronic condition, debilitating pain, or just want to ensure that you are maintaining your body in the best condition possible, a visit to Walking On Air might cost a couple of hours, but it could give you back a lifetime of freedom! We are both infinitely more than satisfied with the service offered at Walking On Air and grateful for the opportunity to be treated both by Jane, the Master Therapist and her able Consultant colleague Kimberley".

Jason M - Shepperton

Complaint: Frozen shoulder

"I’ve had fantastic results from Walking on Air. Last week I was on the phone to you in tears begging for help. This week I can put on my bra myself, almost do my hair and I have not taken any painkillers since Monday! I call it a miracle. I would love to have all the action back in my arm but in only one week (my friends told me they had taken years to mend). So far I can do most things and am pretty much pain free.  

Most important of all, I am showing my gun dog tomorrow at Windsor Championship Show (my favourite dog show of the year) which I could not in any way have been doing if I had not called you. After all, this time last week I could not even drive more than a few miles, let alone contemplate driving to Windsor.

P.S. In Gun Dog training in which we have to use our arms a lot to direct our dogs out - there is no way I could have done this when I first came to you! I found myself suffering from a frozen shoulder and I came to Walking on Air as a last resort - which in hindsight was the wrong thing to do, it should have been the first thing I did. 

I keep and show Gordon Setters for which I travel all over the country but because of this incredibly painful condition I couldn’t drive long distances or hold my dogs tail out in the ring (as is the tradition when showing my breed) so I missed most of the show season, not to mention being so painful - Just taking my Gordon Setters for walks left me sweating with pain - it was possibly my lowest point in many, many years. Jane answered my desperate call on Saturday and I went straight down there - what she did is a bit of a blur, I was in so much pain before her treatment, but from that day on it started to improve and now thankfully it’s just a distant memory and I am totally pain free, and the icing on the cake is I did just the one show later and we qualified for Crufts"!

Louise and the Billingham Gordon Setters 

Complaint: Lower Back Pain

"I love coming to Walking On Air for a bodywork session. It is always great. Like having a very precise Performance Enhancing Tune Up for your car, each part is carefully checked, tweaked and adjusted in relation to the each other until the newly balanced body is as good as new and ready to go again at full efficiency! "

Lucy Y - Guildford
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