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Kimberley Perry MAR
Reflexologist & Consultant Therapist
Walking on Air Well Being

How Reflexology Works

Reflexology, a therapy first developed over 2,000 years ago, is one of the most adaptable complementary methods through which the body's numerous systems can be accessed and supported. 

The feet and hands are the points at which circulation and nerve impulses end, therefore we are able to find the remnants of the workings of our entire body here - in the form of what reflexologists refer to as 'crystals'. Crystals are merely the accumulation of natural byproducts of the body's processes, such as lactic acid and uric acid. It is where they accumulate on the feet and hands that is important as the feet alone contain over 80 reference points for the body called 'reflexes'. A reflex that has crystals is an indication of a past, current or possible future imbalance in the respective part of the body. Using a targeted, light pressure on these reflexes encourages greater circulation to the related region, alleviates pain in the short term (and with further treatment the long term) and encourages relaxation and sleep. Reflexology may be utilised as part of a preventative strategy for health and longevity or to offset a wide range of conditions.

The treatment is designed to be comfortable and reflexology can be performed anywhere. At Walking on Air Well Being we have custom designed our treatment rooms to allow you to deeply relax. In these times of seemingly relentless pressure and responsibility, relaxation is commonly overlooked yet it has never been so crucially needed. 
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Reflexology: The universal therapy for everyone and every season of life

by Kimberley Perry MAR
Consultant Therapist & Reflexologist
Walking on Air Well Being

Having been a Reflexologist and Power Reflexologist for several years, I have worked with people from age 3 weeks to 90 years. I was fortunate enough to receive a series of reflexology treatments following a car accident in 2012 and it reconfirmed that it was a field of therapy in which I wanted to work for decades to come. I am qualified to Level 3, which entitles me to work for the NHS and trained under Louise Keet of the London School of Reflexology at Regent's Park, London.

Since 2013, I have offered reflexology at Walking on Air Well Being and clients have sought assistance with conditions such as chronic fatigue, chronic lower back pain, asthma, depression, sleep disorders and digestive concerns. It is safe to use alongside medication and is now accepted and encouraged by the medical profession as way of offsetting the stresses of modern life and complementing allopathic treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, insulin, immunosuppressants and blood pressure medication. 

Reflexology initiates the parasympathetic nervous response (also known as 'rest and digest') in which our bodies are told by the brain to engage in maintenance work rather than be constantly prepared for battle. In contemporary Western life we spend far less time in our parasympathetic mode and more and more time in sympathetic ('fight or flight' mode - our stress response). Coupled with increasingly static work lives and a dependency on pre-prepared foods, our bodies and minds are having to work harder to recuperate. Reflexology can enable us to deeply relax as well as investigate the workings of the body at the same time making it an excellent ally to your overall health. Clients are always surprised by how quickly they relax and how deeply restorative the session feels, both mentally and physically. For these reasons, reflexology is a loyal and reliable accomplice to any lifestyle changes you make for the benefit of you health and well being.

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To take you in the right direction, we can offer:

  • 60 minute reflexology sessions for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation for £79
  • 30 minute reflexology treatments designed with you in mind -  Power Reflexology utilises your precious time efficiently with all the relaxing benefits of a traditional 60 minute session. During the 30 minute session, specific reflexes that are associated with your particular concern will be targeted and stimulated. This precise manner of treating allows for deeper work alongside the restorative, relaxing benefits that reflexology provides. Power Reflexology is at its most effective when utilised on a frequent basis. Akin to medical treatments, many complementary therapies have a cumulative effect – tangible results are associated with repeat application.

  •  At Walking on Air we are advocates of short to mid-term commitments to health for a longer, healthier life in general. You may find that 6 Power Reflexology sessions gives substantial relief from a concern but please note results are dependant upon individual responses. We are all exceptional! Whether you experience Power Reflexology as a standalone treatment or as a series of sessions, our aim is for you to be able to rediscover a connection to your health.
Power Reflexology fees are 30 Minutes for £43 

*Book and pay for 5 sessions in advance and receive a 6th session for free!*

5 sessions (pre-paid) £215 with a 6th session for free
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